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◈ Access to over 100+ hours of classes to watch
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◈ New classes uploaded each month
◈ Special membership discounts for other workshops
◈ Bonus Q&A Sessions with Zoe
◈ Tales from the Road with Beats Antique - live Q&A
◈ Costume Tour of Zoe's collection
◈ Zoe's top performance tips to take your act to the next level.
◈ Access to the live event "Power Hours Class" with Zoe
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Train to Stay Sane with a Zoe Jakes monthly membership


I am so excited to announce my new monthly membership and online community.


Dance gets us in our bodies and spreads joy, uplifts us, and helps us break old patterns so that we can create new ones to help us grow.


Make this year all about self-care for your body and soul.

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You'll learn and develop new skills with Zoe for 10 hours of training each month.

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Our membership price may increase as demand grows – so you don't want to miss locking in this special rate!

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Here's what's you'll receive:

  7-day free trial

✦ Over 10+ hours of training each month (Valued at $250)

✦  New Drills & Technique Classes per month

✦  1 Specialty Intensive (2-4 hours each) featuring choreography, concept work, conditioning, props, or creative inspiration

✦  LIVE once a month with Zoe!

✦  Billing begins after the 7-day free trial and recurs monthly on the same date.

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Give yourself the gift of self-care.

If you are looking to push your dance to the next level as well as amazing value, and lots of instruction, this is it!

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Memberships for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, MENAHT

We value you. This is not based on need. No questions asked and no proof needed.

-  I would be grateful to have those join who are from the cultures of origin of the dance form. Please accept this offer if you are from Middle Eastern, North African, Hellenistic, Turkish Communities. Code: MENAHT

- This is an effort to offer reparative pricing to communities that experience oppression and institutionalized racism. Code: BIPOC

LGBTQIA+ -  Offered to help support those that face bias and oppression. Code: LGBTQIA

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