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Wondering what DanceCraft Certification are all about?

The DanceCraft journey begins with Diamonds, where the student will learn the fundamentals of fusion Bellydance and Zoe’s stylization. Then in the second level, Spades, dancers will integrate their knowledge with more technique and artistry, and in the 3rd level, Clubs, the technique is polished and performance and musicality come to the forefront! Take your dancing, technique, and artistry to the next level with DanceCraft and join hundreds of dancers that have taken the journey.

DanceCraft is a formatted and credited belly dance program of which the Key of Diamonds is the foundation. Diamonds relate to the Earth element, which is our foundation. Foundational work in this format compromises of understanding the basic shapes involved in Zoe’s dance style and the muscular groups involved, short phrases of belly dance that highlight the stylization and aesthetic choices of Tribal Fusion, beginning cymbals, basic concept work, and training for the technique and endurance required to execute this format. 

Not quite ready for Diamonds or Spades? We got you. 

A lot of dancers have asked me over the years how they should be training in preparation for DanceCraft, and also how to keep training after they have done the format. It got me thinking...what we need is a targeted program with technique, vocabulary, and cross-training to really help students get the most out of DanceCraft. But at the time I was in the middle of touring and then right into momming, so it was sidelined for a long time. Then the pandemic hit and I was able to make it happen. So here it is! Two training packages to fully prepare you for Diamonds and Spades Certification, or just to learn the material on your own time.

Diamonds Training Package

Diamonds Training Package is for those who are ready to excel at the DanceCraft program and get the most out of it.

The classes will have you coming into Diamonds level certification completely prepared. If you want to come into diamonds as prepared as possible, get a head start here!

This is for dancers that have signed up for DanceCraft and want a great pre-program training practice

This is for dancers that want to take Dancecraft (preparatory or Diamonds) but want to have lots of time to prepare and practice.

What is included in the Diamonds DanceCraft Training Package?

  • 4.5 hours of training, isolation drills, and technique 
  • 4 hours of dance conditioning and active flexibility 
  • 4 hours of beginning cymbals training
  • Learn dancecraft vocabulary with detailed breakdowns
Check out the Diamonds Training

Spades Training Package

For those who have taken Diamonds and are ready for the next level - Spades! This training package will prepare you to excel during the Spades Certification Program. This program is only available to graduates of the DanceCraft Diamonds Certification. You cannot buy the Spades program if you have not completed the Diamonds level.

What is included in the Spades DanceCraft Training Package?

  • 4.5 hours of training, isolation drills, and technique
  • 4 hours of dance conditioning and active flexibility
  • 4.5 hours of layering technique focus
  • Learn dancecraft vocabulary with detailed breakdowns
Check out the Spades Training
Memberships for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, MENAHT
We value you. This is not based on need. No questions asked and no proof needed.
MENAHT -  I would be grateful to have those join who are from the cultures of origin of the dance form. Please accept this offer if you are from Middle Eastern, North African, Hellenistic, Turkish Communities. Code: MENAHT
BIPOC - This is an effort to offer reparative pricing to communities that experience oppression and institutionalized racism. Code: BIPOC
LGBTQIA+ -  Offered to help support those that face bias and oppression. Code: LGBTQIA