The 2024 Certification Program

What Is DanceCraft?

DanceCraft is Zoe Jakes formatted Fusion Belly Dance program.

The DanceCraft program begins with the first level Diamonds, where the student will learn the fundamentals of fusion Bellydance and Zoe’s stylization. Then in the second level, Spades, dancers will integrate their knowledge with more technique and artistry, and in the 3rd level, Clubs, the technique is polished and performance and musicality come to the forefront! Take your dancing, technique, and artistry to the next level with DanceCraft and join hundreds of dancers that have taken the journey.

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Certification programs:


The first level of DanceCraft and where your training starts the journey. You'll learn choreography, beginning finger cymbals, basic concept work, Zoe's Fusion Belly Dance aesthetic, and introduction to Fusion Fundamentals (Old School) Movements.  

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The second level (or key) for DanceCraft. In this training you will go deeper into the work of the format and begin to play with dynamics and choreographic devices and layer...everything. To take part in it you need to have graduated Key of Diamonds.

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The third level is Clubs! This is the "technical" level which means more layering, more Short Phrases, More Fusion Fundamentals! 
To take Clubs you need to be a solid Spades graduate but it does not require to take Immersion. 

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All-Levels Immersion

Anyone can take this workshop. The immersion is a way to sample DanceCraft. We go over material from all 3 levels, and you will feel much more prepared to take the plunge into DanceCraft with this under your belt.

Also, Dancers who are going into Spades or Clubs will get some great training and info to make your time in the classroom the most impactful.

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Clubs Preparatory:

A great way to prepare for the third key, this is a 3 day intensive that is great for those who haven’t taken Clubs, and also an awesome refresher.

We focus on layering, dynamics, longer phrases, and next-level fusion fundamentals.

This intensive is open to all spades graduates.

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Special Trainings:

Teacher Training

This is the last part of your journey. Teacher Training allows you to become a certified instructor for teaching the material for Key of Diamonds. 

To take this you don't need to have graduated from Clubs yet. You need to be a solid Spades graduate and it's recommended as well to have taken Immersion.

Also, Dancers who are going into Spades or Clubs will get some great training and info to make your time in the classroom the most impactful.

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Are you looking for a program

to get you ready for Diamonds or Spades?

We got you.

A lot of dancers have asked me over the years how they should be training in preparation for DanceCraft, and also how to keep training after they have done the format. It got me thinking... What we need is a targeted program with technique, vocabulary, and cross-training to really help students get the most out of DanceCraft. But at the time I was in the middle of touring and then right into momming, so it was sidelined for a long time. Then the pandemic hit and I was able to make it happen. So here it is! Two training packages to fully prepare you for Diamonds and Spades Certification, or just to learn the material on your own time.

DanceCraft Training Packages

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